Dr. Moreland, and the weight loss programs he has to offer, has completely changed my life.  The success I have found with ChiroThin and Zerona have motivated me to eat healthier, exercise regularly, and I am definitely continuing to make progress.

 -Renae Battaglia

Lose Weight. Look Better. Feel Better.

What Do You Have to Lose?

No stranger to diet and exercise, you’ve counted calories and struggled through endless exercise routines. Too often, your efforts end in frustration and a feeling of failure. No matter what you do, you struggle to lose the weight and inches you need to look better and feel better.  You need to try something else.  What do you have to lose?

You have nothing to lose but inches!

Dr. Brian Moreland of Back in Motion Chiropractic offers doctor supervised weight loss packages using a variety of treatments.

With the 6-week Guaranteed Results Package you will lose 15 pounds and 5 inches - guaranteed!  (Most clients lose 25-45 pounds and 8-12 inches.)  This package includes ChiroThin, Zerona Laser, and Wave Vibration Therapy.

Zerona® Laser Therapy

 Zerona® laser therapy is clinically proven and approved by the FDA as a non-invasive body contouring treatment. There's no pain or recovery time needed.

The Zerona® cold laser targets fatty tissue, safely melting unwanted fat and allowing it to be passed from your tissue through your body’s normal detoxification process.  Learn more on our Zerona Laser Therapy page.

We'll Be With You Every Inch of the Way

Choose the weight loss package that meets your goals. Come to our office three times a week and you will see the difference in as little as two weeks. Reshape your body, improve muscle tone, and get a jump start to a healthier life. Get started today! Call 724-537-5266 or contact Dr. Moreland for more information about this unique weight loss program or to schedule a free consultation.

Weight loss patients come to Dr. Moreland from Latrobe, Greensburg, Irwin, Ligonier, Uniontown, Connellsville, Blairsville, Johnstown and through out the Pittsburgh region.


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