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After 18 Treatments
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Cold Laser, Weight Loss, Pittsburgh

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Weight Loss and Body Transformation Packages

Not Everyone has the Same Budget or Goals in Mind... 

We Work With You to Customize a Plan to Meet Your Specific Needs! 

Dr. Brian Moreland and the NASM-certified weight loss specialist at Back In Motion Chiropractic have several different tools available to help you reach your weight loss goals. Allow us to help you choose which combination of Zerona Laser Bodysculpting, Wave Vibration, ChiroThin, Nutritional Counseling and Personal Training may be the most effective package to help you lose weight, reduce inches, tone muscles and change your exercise and eating habits to help you achieve long-term success.

Call 724-537-5266 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your individual goals, and allow Dr. Moreland and his staff to help you create a customized package that will help you to meet your goals. Remember, the only thing you have to lose... is inches!!!


  Zerona Laser Packages
WAVE Vibration Therapy

9 Zerona Sessions
12 Zerona Sessions
15 Zerona Sessions
18 Zerona Sessions

ChiroThin Program

6-Week Program

*ChiroThin is chiropractor-supervised
with one-on-one supervision by an
NASM-certified weight loss specialist

We will Customize a Package to Meet Your Goals

We'll Be With You Every Inch of the Way

Allow Dr. Moreland and his staff to customize a package to fit your individual goals. Whether you need to lose 100 pounds or just want to take a couple inches off of your tummy, the Back In Motion Chiropractic team can discuss all of your options and help you select which treatments will help you succeed.

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