After 18 Treatments
with Dr. Moreland
Individual Results May Vary



After 18 Treatments
with Dr. Moreland.
Individual Results May Vary


Is the Zerona Laser Safe & Effective?

Zerona® laser therapy is gaining popularity in Irwin, Greensburg, Latrobe, Ligonier, Murrysville, and throughout the Pittsburgh region.

Zerona® laser therapy is:

  • Safe -It's approved by the FDA as a safe, effective treatment for eliminating fat stored in the body.
  • Painless - The laser is cool - it doesn't even generate heat, though it works below the surface to break up the fat cells under your skin.
  • Non-Invasive - No surgery, needles or incisions. The laser targets the excess fat and helps the body eliminate the fat through detoxification.
  • Slimming - Most patients lose 3" or more from their abdomen and thighs as the fats are released from the body. Most people notice that their clothes feel looser within two weeks.

Is Zerona Laser Therapy Right for You?

  • Are you committed to a healthy life style?
  • Do you still struggle to lose weight and tone your muscles?
  • Have you considered surgery, but don't want an invasive procedure and extended recovery time?

If we’ve described your personal goals with regard to weight loss, then the Zerona® laser therapy combined with WAVE® vibration therapy may just be the answer you're looking for.

Watch the videos from The Doctors, and Nightline, then get started today! Call 724-537-5266 or contact Dr. Moreland for a consultation.

The Importance of Proper Treatment Scheduling

One critical component of the Zerona program is that you cannot exceed 72 hours between treatments. For example, you can't do two treatments, then go on vacation, then come in for the remaining treatments. You must schedule each session within 72 hours of the previous session in order to get positive results.


The Doctors Video


Nightline Video


Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy is beneficial to people of all ages and varying degrees of health. Commonly used in physical therapy, WAVE® vibration therapy is safe even for people recovering from injuries. It provides a safe, effective means of exercise that may help you to burn calories, increase your metabolism, increases circulation, and lymphatic drainage.

Weight Loss LatrobeChiroThin

If you've dieted, but just can't seem to lose weight, the ChiroThin program is an ideal way to help you accomplish your weight loss goals in a relatively short amount of time. This chiropractor-supervised program combines dietary and behavioral modifications with the ChiroThin supplement to help your body burn more fat and use it as energy.

With 24/7 access to our NASM-certified weight loss specialist, Back In Motion Chiropractic clients are given tremendous support and encouragement with their weight loss journey. As with any type of weight loss program, individual results will vary, but our success depends on your success, so allow our team to support you in making a lifestyle change toward healthier eating. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more details about the ChiroThin program and see what kinds of results of clients have experienced. You will be impressed with what you see!

Effective Weight Loss Packages

Dr. Moreland combines Zerona Laser, WAVE Vibration Therapy, and the ChiroThin weight loss program to create a personalized, effective weight loss package to help clients meet their goals. Clients from Greensburg, Murrysville, Monroeville, Latrobe, Pittsburgh have lost pounds and inches with Dr. Moreland's help, and have learned how to change their lifestyle to enjoy long-term success.

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