Shirley DeFigio

Belle Vernon, PA

After doing a lot of research online, my husband and I were interested in the Zerona laser.  We went for Zerona consultations in Greensburg and Belle Vernon, as well as at Back In Motion Chiropractic in Latrobe.  We decided that we were going to get the most for our money with Dr. Moreland, especially since the WAVE vibration was included with the package.  The other places do not offer the WAVE machine.  

I have been very pleased with the Zerona treatments.  It was so easy – I read books during the treatments.  I am 71 and at that age everything happens more slowly, so I feel that the fat loss may have occurred even more quickly if I were younger.  My goal was not over-all weight loss but my problem area which is my midsection.  My medical doctor said that I could not “spot reduce.”  Apparently he did not know how effective Zerona is.  It was the Zerona that “melted” the fat and the WAVE machine that tightened the muscles.  I’m very pleased with my results.  

I was introduced to the WAVE machine in Dr. Moreland’s office.  I was so impressed with the results that I bought one for home use.  I had been going to the gym previously but realized I could derive the same benefit I got at the gym by spending much less time on the WAVE.  In fact, I can use the WAVE the same amount of time I spent just driving to the gym.  The instructions for the WAVE (on-line) describe exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.  It can be very easy or quite challenging.  

With the combination of Zerona and the WAVE machine, my husband and I got good results with 9 treatments.  We decided to do another 9 treatments to see how much better the results could be.  Dr. Moreland said that both of us should increase the amount of water we were drinking each day.  He said the more hydrated a person is, the more effective the treatments are.  Neither of us really changed our eating habits at all, we just drank more water.  We saw a huge difference after the second 9 treatments.


Shirley DeFigio - Lost 7.75 inches

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