What is Vibration Therapy?

WAVE® Vibration Therapy May Increase Your Metabolism

Vibration Therapy for weight lossWAVE® vibration therapy is a powerful exercise modality. You can achieve the benefits of conventional training, but amplify the effect on your body by allowing the WAVE machine to produce vertical vibrations cause up to 3000 gentle, involuntary muscle contractions per minute for a great workout in just 15 minutes. Working out on the WAVE vibration platform may help increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase muscle mass and increase bone density.

The WAVE® is an ideal addition to any weight loss program. Exercise is the key to losing weight and toning your muscles. Vibration therapy provides the benefit of high intensity training without the usual stress and struggle.

The WAVE's VCV (Vertical Controlled Vibration) technology minimizes stress on joints during the workouts.

Everyone knows you lose weight when you burn more calories than you take in. Burning those calories depends on metabolism and muscle activity. Working larger muscle groups and as many muscles as possible leads to the best results. That’s where WAVE® vibration therapy comes in. Vibration therapy provides the equivalent of an effective full body workout, all without the endless hours of struggle, sweat, and stress.

Exercising on a WAVE® vibration platform may also increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. This effect may then combines with Zerona® laser therapy to provide a powerful “one-two punch,” aiding your body as it works to remove the triglycerides and fatty acids released during the laser treatment.

How Does the WAVE Vibration Work?

It's simple really. You can stand, sit or perform exercises on a platform that vibrates up and down. The movement is only a few millimeters up to 50 times per second. This gentle action stimulates a stretch reflex and involuntary muscle contractions. Involuntary muscle contractions help tone and build muscle effectively because more muscle fibers are engaged during involuntary muscle movement than during voluntary muscle movement (like a regular workout). By standing, sitting or exercising on the WAVE platform in different positions, different muscle groups are exercised, helping you lose weight and tone your muscles.

My wife and I decided to buy a WAVE machine to use at home, and we are still exercising on it.  I am very pleased with my results and am glad that Dr. Moreland’s treatments have motivated me to exercise regularly and drink more water.

 -Michael DeFigio

Individual Results May Vary

Are You Ready to Lose Weight and Inches?

Call for an appointmentDr. Moreland creates personalized packages to help clients meet their weight loss and fitness goals, which may include the ChiroThin weight loss program, the highly effective Zerona® laser therapy or WAVE® vibration therapy. Get started today! Call 724-537-5266 or contact Dr. Moreland for more information or to schedule a free consultation.


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